Sunday thoughts

Another week has gone by. Its 9pm and all is quiet. Evryone is asleep so I thought id write a little bit about things. Blake was sick today so Phil stayed home from church with him. Itook the boys.Landon passed the sacrament and Taylor and I played games during the meeting. lol Primary is going alright. I love my church calling so hopefully that dost change.

I got a new VT route today so a little sad about that but happy to meet some new girls. This year has been good. Its been a change going to the charter school but Landon is very happy and Taylor well we will see. I am going to help in their classroom a little bit so I am hoping we have a good year. It feels more like Bacon to me and I did tell Taylor he could go back to Grandview if he wanted .I dont really care too much but I like that they are at the same school. its nice for them especially Landon.

Im working aon my anger. I get really opset when Landon teases Taylor.I need to let it go but I just get so mad. I have decided to not say anything to him because I just cant stop talking and it frankly accomplishes nothing .,I feel like this year has been really stressful for me personally. I love him very much!
Taylor signed up for flag football at hte Edge and his coach is a football player from CSU so Taylor is in heaven! lol blake loves to watch also.
Im trying to workout everyday and starting to work on diet more. hopefully I can feel better and start to notice a difference soon. Ive been so depressed this week so trying to move on and see outside my tiny box to others things We have lots of blessings so I need to embrace them and be grateful!!!!

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