Today is a rainy day. Sunday afternoon and all is quiet. Phil took he boys to grandmas and I thought I would write a little bit. We have been so busy this week with soccer and football. My piano recital was Saturday. WE had it at the church. Classics and contemporary themes. The kids did great. They were so excited about all their songs also. Anyway,a lot of drama in our house with missing socks and missing stuff. Seems like I just can't keep track of all of it. School is almost our there are only a few weeks.So excited for summer and to not have a schedule. But then again it might be kind of crazy. Phil still doesn't have a job so we are trying to stick to budget. Im sure something will turn up for him. it's been so nice to have him home with us for a while. The boys love it that dad can pick them up from school and everything. I know he is getting anxious but I'm sure he will find something that is he right fit. 15 years ago I would have given him all these ideas of things to do but that doesn't really help and how would I feel if someone did that to me. I'm trying to be kind and not worry to much. We had some great talks in church today about being there for people and kindness. also about focusing on the Lord in our thoughts and actions. So true and a great reminder for me. I've been dealing with depression the last few months and Im trying to move outside myself and on.It would be nice if some of the goals I have I actually accomplished so I'm trying to see how I can do that. But no big things. I'd love to see some close friends so I might make that happen soon and I'm happy its getting warmer that helps me a lot to stay positive and focused on what is important. Anyway I better go we have some company coming next week and how fun is that. So we are getting ready for our Canadian friends to come visit and explore Colorado.I love it here and I hope we can stay forever!!!

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